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Welcome to

Fundamental School of Esoteric Study
Herbalism & Tuition for a New World

John David & Victoria Heath founders of Ravenwood


The guiding light behind our work

Central to our teachings of the Esoteric Mysteries is our mission to create a balance between people, nature, and wisdom, in order to achieve effective transformational development. To achieve this we have core values or Elements around which we base our programmes of learning and experience.


Element One

The Earth - Our core value which underpins the insights of all ancient wisdom is that we are fully connected to, and dependent upon, our Earth. As such the Plantlore with which we share our existence is fundamental to all teachings of the mysteries. Understanding the energy of the Earth and the Lore of Herbcraft, is our foundation and as such our products become the essence of our work.


Element Two

The Water - The emotional unification, empowerment, and understanding of our connection to the Universe is paramount within our teachings. We aim to enable the constant flow of transformation between states of being so that we can continue to evolve as a people.


Element Three

The Fire - Creative passion and drive with which we burn enables our subjects to be delivered to the curious and experienced with care and competence, ensuring enlightenment beyond that of the classroom, shining the light of learning into the hearts and minds of the future.


Element Four

The Air - The word of the ancient Esoteric mysteries carries a deep wisdom from which so many can grow and learn. For this reason alone we strive to deliver our teachings far and wide to as many people as possible who are called to listen and absorb what is needed in their lives.


Element Five

The Spirit - We are always driven by the guidance of our teachings so that we may ensure the delivering of wisdom which will serve a higher calling from the Universe in order to serve humanity and nature as one creation.

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