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(Part One of Expressions - A Spiritual Odyssey)

Expressions is a three part odyssey that charts the spiritual experience; from the personal sensations encountered on the spiritual path to the global connections that span the planet and all of humanity, past, present and future.

This is a voyage that pushes through boundaries, dimensions, and perceptions, until we truly touch the infinite.

Negative Linear is the first part of this journey and explores these concepts through the medium of science fiction and a rather reluctant time traveller called Linear, who, from the perspective of the dialogue could be you or me or anyone with an open mind and a strong will to serve the Divine.

Listen to Part One for FREE! that's 19 sessions! - Then buy Part Two for ONLY £7.99 and listen to the rest of the prophecies.

Credits and special thanks go to (in no particular order) -

Theme Tune (beginning and end) "Love Story" composed and performed by "Jonny Eastern".

Warp Drive Sub-space field - published by Tertiary Adjunct

Nar shaddaa Cityscape - Tertiary Adjunct

Palpatine's teachings  - published by "PBambient"

Whip sound effect - published by "All Sounds"

Sparkle sound effects - published by "All Sounds". 

Time warp spinning effect - published by "Raw Material.

Republic city apartment with thunder storm sound effects - published by "Darkwing Captures".

Super deep EM sleep - published by  "crysknife 007"

Thunder, wind, and rain - published by  "Isolation sound effects".

Super deep Neptune EM noise - published by "crysknife"

Strong wind blowing through spruce trees - published by  "relaxing sounds of nature".

The voice of our Earth - published by "Stardust".

Sith empress throne room - published by "Tertiary Adjunct".

Black hole laser battle effect - published by "That SFX Guy".

Wind through high grass ambient - published by "Virtual Ambiance".

T Rex walk and roar - published by "Christopher Mbolinani"

Interface effects, beeps and buttons - published by "bluezone Corporation".

Futuristic computer - published by "Greg Wells"

The miracle of love - written and performed by "Eurythmics".

(To the best of the authors knowledge, all credits have been listed here for chapters one through to twelve. If any credits have been missed by mistake please contact the author and appropriate amendments will be made and additions will be added. This project is 'not for profit'. No profit has been made through the publishing of these audio chapters)

The use of these 3d sounds have allowed "Negative Linear", the audio drama, to be an exceptionally close rendering of the original written concept of "Negative Linear" the novel by John David. The author would like to extend a very special thank you to "Jonny Eastern" for allowing the use of his beautifully composed and performed piece entitled "Love Story" that the author feels matches the mood of the drama throughout. And, also, the author would like to extend a big thank you to all those authors listed above who, through the availability of their work, made the soundscape of this audio drama rich and vibrant and full of life.

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