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Based on the natural wheel of the year, natural balance points, and the cycles of nature, this blend is associated with achieveing internal and external balance, physial, mental and emotional. 

During these times it is almost impossible to retain a poit of balance and not be completely tipped off kilter by the ongoing chaos of our modern world. 

This brings about constant feelings of anxiety and troubled sensations, preventing us from being able to cope with the most mundane situations, for fear of falling apart, or losing our inner self. 


This oil of Geranium, Patchouli and other blends, if used regularly, helps us to retain an inner strength and confidence which brings control and peace through all situations. 


Although labelled as NEW it is infact an old favourite of Ravenwood which is only now making its way to the shelves. 


Shake well before using and apply regularly to pulse points for reasurance and balance. 

Balance Oil

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