Bespoke Alchemy Beeswax Herb & Oil Candles

Bespoke Alchemy Beeswax Herb & Oil Candles

Brand new to our Alchemy Altar Range are these bespoke beeswax candles.

Handcrafted to order, with natural magical herbs and oils, they are specifically blended to aid in the manifestation of certain goals through life.

Each candle is created with a specific recipe that will not only smell great but can become a focus of your intensions during times of prayer, healing and magical works.


The candles contain such magical herbs as:

Blessed Thistle - Angelica - Comfrey - Mullein - Oak bark - Mistletoe, Vervain, Rowan Berry, Hawthron and more. They also contain pure essential oils and are created with pure beeswax.


If there is a candle that you would like for a specific task why not drop us a line?

We are happy to create one for you.



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