Comfort Box

Comfort Box

We are currently busy producing a 'Comfort Box' to help with emotional well-being during these difficult times. 

Jam packed with over £60 worth of bespoke items to help with anxiety, stress, cleansing and immunity.

The box will contain 3 of our blended oils:

Comfort - for the anxiety that is felt at this time, to help keep us calm and positive.

Sleep Oil - because we'll all be using a lot less energy than normal, we're obviously very worried, but sleep and rest is an important part of our well-being and our recovery.

And Thieves Oil - our natural immune booster, to help us to stay as physically strong as possible.


We'll also be including a Thieves Spray as well as 3 crystals for anxiety, cleansing and immunity.


There will be a cleansing Himalayan Salt Sachet too and a pouch of loose leaf Organic Tea to calm, sooth and detox.


    £45.00 Regular Price
    £35.00Sale Price

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