Elestial Three Piece Silver Jewellery set

Elestial Three Piece Silver Jewellery set

Handcrafted one off, this Egyptian three piece set of Pendant, Bracelet and adjustable Ring, is set in solid silver and holds the most beautiful clear Elestial crystals. 


About Elestial.


Elestial is a type of Quartz and is renowned for being the ultimate in spiritual energy and healing.

It is an excellent cleanser of the physical and emotional self, purging the body and mind of what is no longer needed, often bringing about many life lessons along the way to enable a complete spiritual shift and the embracing of new life opportunities.


Known as the crystal of angels it has a powerful connection to the highest angelic realms, which enables all and every possibility. This should be kept in mind when wearing this collection. Elestial is a super high vibration that breaks all the rules of transformation.


Although Elestial is normally built from certain fine layers, this particular set of stones are completely clear, making them especially beautiful. The pendant comes with a 16-inch chain and the rind is slightly adjustable with a wraparound design.


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