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The finest Hojari Frankincense imported by us from the Oman region. 

We have a long history of trading in frankincense. Now, using our contacts in Oman, we import directly, meaning that you get the finest quality, and most authentic, frankincense available.

Burning Frankincense gives the most wonderful calming health benefits, just as it has done for the thousands of years as well as being excellent for meditation and spiritual development. 

When burnt it is excellent for relieving stress, tension, hysteria and depression and has a beneficial effect on infection, the respiratory system and helps with bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, frequent colds and allergies.


Sold in 50ml size glass jars with twist lids.

Don't forget your charcoal discs to burn this resin blend folks!

Frankincense the Finest Hojari

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