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Fortuna Alchemy - burn to aid good fortune - not simply financial but to allow us to be more mindful of possibilities in front of us. To allow good health and fortunate situations to flow in our direction.

Excellent to accompany other workings such as Candle Magic and Spell work.


A smoke is a form of incense, so called because it is very smoky when it burns! Traditionally made up of dried herbs, resins, and essential oils, smokes have a long association with magic. They are burnt in fires or on charcoal discs to bring about a desired result. Because of this they are used by many magical practitioners.

​All of our smokes are made in-house at specific astrological times, using precise ingredients, that relate to the effect desired.



Don't forget your charcoal discs to burn this resin blend folks!

Fortuna Alchemy

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