Handcrafted Fairies

Handcrafted Fairies

Always an absolute favourite, our Handcrafted Fairtrade Fairies are made as families in a small village in Tibet by the women folk, to support their community.


Each fairy has its own personality, is fully positional having bendy arms, legs, wings, and dresses. They also come with a hanging silk thread and magnetised feet along with a metal leaf on which they can stand if you wish. Making them completely freestanding.


Each and every fairy is completely different because they are handcrafted. They stand about 10 to 12 cms tall and are truly beautiful for any collector.


Please note that they are not toys and therefore not suitable for young children, neither are they suitable for outdoor use.


When you order, you will be selected the fairy that is 'called to your order', as magical beings they do like to choose exactly where they wish to live! Fairies are a picky folk! However, if there is a specific fairy colour that you would like, please drop us a message with your order and we'll do our best to convince them to fly home with you.


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