Handcrafted Mookaite Pendant

Handcrafted Mookaite Pendant

Handcrafted by Artist and Sculptor, Samantha Chilton, these wonderful pendants are set in Copper, giving you the benefits of both wearing the beautiful stone and embracing the properties of copper too. Each one is designed and handcrafted by Samantha to reveal its natural beauty.


Every piece is a 'one off' and comes from Ravenwood gift wrapped in a velvet pouch or box.


About Mookaite.


Also known as Mook Jasper, Mookaite is named after the place where it is found, on the Mooka Station/Mooka Creek in Western Australia.

Mooka is an Aboriginal word meaning Running Water.


Its most profound teaching is that of the ageless spirit and the union of body and mind. It teaches us to be young at heart and to understand that change is a process of life that we can embrace without fear.

With so many ant-aging benefits, such as clearing negative genetic memories, and unhealthy thought patterns from the auric field that are associated with self-preservation and aging, it certainly is a fabulous stone to wear!


Mookaite is also very protective and is known to alert to danger, encouraging the wearer to follower the most favourable path in life.

It comes in many colours but Yellow is best known for its positivity, clarity and good communication.


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