Handcrafted Serpentine Pendant

Handcrafted Serpentine Pendant

Handcrafted by Artist and Sculptor, Samantha Chilton, these wonderful pendants are set in Copper, giving you the benefits of both wearing the beautiful stone and embracing the properties of copper too. Each one is designed and handcrafted by Samantha to reveal its natural beauty.


Every piece is a 'one off' and comes from Ravenwood gift wrapped in a velvet pouch or box.


About Serpentine.


This Serpentine is an attractive pale green stone that Samantha has set on a copper base with ring.

It aids emotional cleansing and healing. It is also a powerful tool for attracting loving energy and that of wealth and abundance.

Excellent for meditation and Kundalini work as well as working withy psychic abilities.


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