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Brand New and exclusive to Ravenwood! Available now at a special introductory price, RRP £46.99 saving you over £10 - this revolutionary view of reincarnation is not to be overlooked.


Past Life Therapist and Tutor Victoria Heath offers the reader years of study and evidence detailing the complex system of reincarnation, the karmic belt, the journey of the soul and the effects of past lives on our current existence. This complete workbook offers the reader a thorough investigation into the complex journey of the soul through time and space.


Heath not only delivers compelling evidence but invites the reader to expand on the theory of the soul self, our journey within this realm and our place within the Universe.


Printed as a large scale workbook, this journal style publication is designed to accompany the reader and encourage personal study as well as being a gripping read.

This work is suitable for anyone who has an interest in Past Life Study, but it would also benefit the Practitioner amongst us, offering untouched scope for further development and understanding.


Those who pre-order this work will find a dedication to honour their support in the back pages.

The Recycled Soul by Victoria Heath

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