Sage Clearing Box

Sage Clearing Box

Ravenwood bring you this fabulous new offer of the Clearing Box. Help to keep your spaces clear of built up negativiy during these difficult times. 


For thousands of years the Holy White Sage plant has been used by indigenous tribes as a purification tool for people and spaces against all kinds of negative energies.

The sacred rite of Smudging with Sage has become a Holy practice which enables the space, items or person to be reformed, renewed and refreshed so that peace returns along with normality. 
Loose Sage enables you to perform the ritual of smudging over many days or weeks to gradually cleanse the area & restore calm, being more thorough & therefore more effective.


Your box includes:

1 x Hessian Pouch filled with the finest loose White Sage
1 x Pure Essential Oil Blend for Clearing Negativity
1 x Tube of Charcoal Discs
1 x Selenite Raw Chunk for continued purification


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