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Exclusive to Ravenwood, this esoteric study of angelic lore is completely unique.

Taught by John David and Victoria Heath this comprehensive study of working with the angelic realms is focused and complete in its understanding of how traditional practitioners have embraced angelic alchemy through ceremony and ritual.

Covering Angelic script, celestial hierarchy, archangels, throne angels, celestial orders, governing angels of the months, planets, seasons, days, and signs.


This 12-month course will run on the 1st Sunday of every month beginning on April 2nd, from 12 noon till 5pm.

Limited Places available.

£110 per month investment including refreshments.

Discounts will be offered to those who pay in advance or who already study with Ravenwood. To secure your place please select the enrol now tab bellow.

Not sure if this course is suitable for you? Come chat with us before booking, we're happy to help.

Scholarship of Angelic Lore

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