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Now taking new students for 2024. Study with Victoria Heath, the expertauthor in the field of Reincarnation and how YOUR past lives are affecting you in this life RIGHT NOW!


This in-depth exclusive course is taught in-person at the Ravenwood Retreat with supportive online material and video links.



Understanding the complex journey of the Soul throughout the Realms.

Past Life Trauma, Trigger Points and Toxic Tethers; Soul Scars, Lost Connections, Overshadowing, Twin Flame energies,  and more.


Exploring our past existences should be a fundamental part of our spiritual journey and our future path to full-fill our soul purpose. But few people understand the true Dynamics of the complex journey of the soul and how it truly affects us right now.


Author Victoria Heath brings you a thorough understanding of this journey enabling you to not only discover your own past, but to understand how it affects your future.


This course enables the student to become a viewer of the lives of others, as well as their own.

It brings clarity and yet opens a whole new realm of questions that push boundaries and the perception of what has been, and what will become.


On completion the student will understand the relevance of Past Life Discovery and its importance during the healing process, as well as having the capability to help others to heal from their own past, offering support where needed, and insight into the fascinating journey of the soul.


Each student will participate and receive tuition in Past Life Reading, Healing and Regression Therapy as part of the course - followed by an optional practical exam to illustrate the complete understanding of the process of Reincarnation.

The exam is not compulsory if the course is solely undertaken for personal development with no intention to practice.

Certificates will be issued by Ravenwood Fundamental School of Esoteric Study.


Light lunch will be included along with refreshments.


This is an 12-month course, running on the second Sunday of every month from 10am to 4pm.

Payments of £99 are made monthly or a 20% discount is offered for advance payment of the entire course.


Past Life Study with Victoria Heath

Price Options
Past Life Course
Monthly Payment
£99.00every month for 12 months
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