The Lavender Box

The Lavender Box

The Ravenwood team bring you this beautifully packaged Lavender Box. 

Pure Lavender Oil has been used in aromatherapy for centuries across the globe.
The calming effects of the natural oil & aroma help to sooth & calm the nerves during challenging times.


The continued use of Lavender can aid with tension, anxiety, depression & stress 
related illnesses, bringing a calm focus & a welcome shift to the positivity that life holds.


The Aura Mist can be used to spray the aura lightly, or the pillow area before bedtime to aid a pleasant sleep.
The roller-ball can be applied to the temples or wrists at points of crisis throughout the day to bring comfort. And the cotton pouch can be hung to create a soothing effect in the environment.


The box includes:

1 x Embroidered Cotton Filled Lavender Hanging Pouch
1 x Pure Essential Oil Lavender Aura/Pillow Spray
1 x Calming Lavender Roller-ball Pulse Point Oil


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