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The Seer is the Readers Smoke - burned to reveal what we need to know regarding the future. Our decisions and choices and what we need to be mindful of when making them. Particularly useful for those who read for a living or for pleasure. It aids the reader to a greater sense of focus and clarity. he Ravenwood wax seal of approval. 


A smoke is a form of incense, so called because it is very smoky when it burns! Traditionally made up of dried herbs, resins, and essential oils, smokes have a long association with magic. They are burnt in fires or on charcoal discs to bring about a desired result. Because of this they are used by many magical practitioners.

​All of our smokes are made in-house at specific astrological times, using precise ingredients, that relate to the effect desired.



Don't forget your charcoal discs to burn this resin blend folks!

The Seer Smoke

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