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Grab it NOW! Join us LIVE!

Join the Ravenwood team as we return this Winter Solstice with Raventide celebrations!


We're back with our Yuletide Garland of magical herbs, ready to hang at your hearth to celebrate the season of Yule with Ravenwood!


Your pack this year will include a specific herbal blend of smoke for every day from 1st December to the Winter Solstice, packaged in Ravenwood purple pouches with added treasures, and hung on a hemp garland rope.


Each mix of herbs will honour the plantlore of our traditions and create an energetic shift which is much needed as we begin to follow nature, slowly easing ourselves into this restful season of Yuletide.


Leave the chaos and the nonsense behind and celebrate Yule as it should be, using the gifts of nature to shift your energy and change your space.


We'll be joining you LIVE every Friday throughout December until the Winter Solstice, to prepare you for the week ahead, with details about each specific smoke and the lore of plants, along with exercises in contemplation and meditation that will help you to reflect on your journey through the darkest time of the year before we near the coming light.


Each pack includes 22 velvet pouches containing 22 hand blended plant and resin smokes with charcoal discs, crystals, and hemp rope for hanging.




All packs will be posted first class by Wednesday 29th November.


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