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Meet us...



John David is a Published Spiritual and Visionary Author, fully qualified Meditation Instructor, Sound Practitioner, Medium, and Energy / Tarot Reader. 


Victoria is a Published Author, Herbalist, Spiritual Artist, Medium,

Past Life Therapist, and Naturopathic Wellness Consultant.


Their joint objective is to deliver hope via mentorship and education in an ever changing world. Although their passion is to mentor in person, they also offer a variety of personally focused and delivered online programmes, from taster sessions, short courses, meditations and developments to long term distant teaching programmes - all supported by personal email and recorded live at Ravenwood or on location.


They welcome all students, from beginners to experienced alike.


1-2-1 sessions with John David

As a published author and mentor, John offers a wealth of personal programs including, Meditation of all types, Relaxation techniques, Shamanic Drumming, Crystal, Divination & Tarot workshops. 

Harmonic Drum Healing - deeply relaxing, cleansing & re-energising.

£45 per hr


Past Life Readings, Victoria Heath

Victoria's readings become an excellent passive tool to access Past Lives without the trauma of regression therapy. Each comes with a full written reading along with a portrait of the client from a past life, painted in oil on canvas.

Due to the nature of the process used, only an image of the clients eyes is needed to produce the reading. Each reading takes approximately 3 months to complete due to drying times and must be paid for on ordering.



Handfasting Ceremonies

Written & performed by John David

From a basic wedding ceremony to organising you complete day.

Prices start at £649 for the basic ceremony within a 50 mile radius of Ravenwood.

£649 from


Personalised Drum Painting by Victoria Heath

Your drum hand painted to your requirements by Artist Victoria Heath.

Prices start from £245. 



House Cleansing

With over 30 years combined experience in the field of working with trapped spirits, Space & House cleansing is a fundamental part of the work of John David & Victoria Heath. Highly skilled, compassionate & discrete, the team offer an efficient service that will return your space to serenity.

This wonderful process is followed by a full blessing. 

Contact us if you feel you need a professional team to help deliver your space and those who occupy it, in to peace.



1-2-1 wellness sessions with Victoria Heath

As a published author and mentor, Victoria offers a full spectrum of consultations in Naturopathic Wellness - healing naturally. Working with such techniques as Bio-Universal Energy Healing, Plant Medicine, Past Life Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing and Reiki . 

£45 per h

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