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Ravenwood Fundamental School of Esoteric Study

We have devoted our lives to the education of others.

We embrace all ages and abilities and we thrive on sharing our passion.

Many of the systems used at Ravenwood are unique and have evolved from over 20 years of personal experience and study with Spirit.

Due to this you are unable to study these teachings anywhere else.

Our unique methods are highly successful and we have great pleasure in passing them on to new practitioners so that our good work may continue.

Check out our Services and Events too.


On-line Crystal Course with John David

Join John David in this 4 part home study course in crystals. 

From understanding the basics of using crystals in our daily lives, to creating complex crystal grids, John covers this fascinating subject revealing what you can gain from advancing your crystal knowledge.

Special Offer!


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On-line Tarot Course with John David

This comprehensive course explains how to read Tarot. Each video session with John includes theory, practical & study work. From simple card links to full spreads - designed to span 6 weeks of study - John offers full email support to answer any & all questions. 

Special Offer!



On-line Meditation Course with John David

Join John David's comprehensive course that explores popular meditation practice. Each session includes theory, practical, & study work to increase your knowledge of this subject & deepen your meditation experience. Study at your leisure with full email support.

Special Offer!


Ravenwood Tuition training classes.jpg

Private Tuition with John David

From Spirit Guide Meditation to Past Life, Mindfulness Techniques, Relaxation Techniques for anxiety and stress management, Vision Quest for advanced spiritual development, and Shamanic Drumming.


John David offers 1-2-1 and group tuition in all services.  

£45 per session

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Private Tuition with John David

Personal study of divination including Scrying, Crystal Ball, Obsidian Mirror & Dowsing.


Tarot workshops and 1-2-1 tuition from beginners to advanced.

Study with Spiritual Author John David - Please enquire for group bookings and discounts. 

£65 per session

Victoria Heath.jpg

Private Tuition with Victoria Heath

Past Life Practitioner training and tuition for groups, or 1-2-1 programmes - covering regression, healing & reading.  


Bio-Universal Energy Healing tuition & training programmes.


Reiki Attunements 1, 2, 3 & Masters.


£145 per programme

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