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Ravenwood are excited to present this definitive spiritual compendium by John David. 

Pulling together all of John's works on spiritual development, this collector's edition will be signed by the Author and comes with a unique commemorative gift. 


The entire collectin delivers all the guidance that is needed to support the everyday development of the spiritual student as we trancsend from our simple beginnings into beautiful spiritual beings, growing in empathic wisdom, and expanding our heart's and minds.


This work is a must-have for any student of spirit, the perfect gift, and the perfect adition to anyone's collection. 

Pre-order your copy NOW and receive a FREE invitation to Johnny's Birthday Bash at Ravenwood in September. All supporters of this work will be recognised in a special 'Thank you' section at the back of the book.

A Definitive Spiritual Compendium by John David

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