Thieves Oil

Thieves Oil

The original Immune Boost!!

Traditional Thieves Oil, with its recipe dating back to the Spice Trail and the Plague Pits of France in the 1600's. Called such due to the grave robbers who avoided the black death and the guillotine by using their extensive knowledge of herbs, oils and spices to boost their immune systems when everyone else was contagious.

Sounds ridiculous? This REALLY WORKS!

Shake well and apply to the soles of the feet, under the arm pits where the Lymph Glands are present, on the chest bone (thymus area) and on all pulse points. This will boost the immune system and help you to stay disease free when others around you and contagious. Essential for those who work in schools or care of any type. Use regularly not only when someone is infected. This will ensure a strengthened immune system. Can also aid a speedy recovery when feeling poorly.

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