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A NEW Ravenwood collection based on an old favourite produced by Ravenwood for many years. We bring you this fabulous collection of all things 'Thieves Oil' based. A true Immune Booster full of natural healing for the winter months. 


Traditional Thieves Oil, with its recipe dating back to the Spice Trail and the Plague Pits of France in the 1600's. Called such due to the grave robbers who avoided the Black Death and the guillotine by using their extensive knowledge of herbs, oils and spices to boost their immune systems when everyone else was contagious.
Our unique blend based on this traditional recipe helps you to keep your immune system in tip top condition. 


Each box includes:

1 x Rollerball

1 x Aura Spray 
1 x Himalayan Salt Bath
1 x Alcohol Spray

1 x Aroma Oil
1 x Thieves Herbal Burning Smoke
1 x Charcoal Discs


That's over £70 worth of product for just £49!

All handcrafted by Ravenwood, each box comes with full instructions. 

Thieves Oil Collection

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